Welcome to Lipton Jute Trade International

Lipton Jute Trade International was established in 2002. We export all kinds of Jute Products. Our Jute Bags, the Eco-friendly packing material, are very suitable for packing agri-products, like Rice, Wheat, Sesame, Sorghum, Cocoa, Coffee, Tea, Cashew nuts, Cotton, Dried Copra, Dry Fish, Charcoal, Pepper, Vanilla and Spices etc.

So, our Std. B’Twills Jute Bags, Std. Binola Jute Bags, Light Cees and Heavy Cees Jute Bags are used across the world.

Also we export Hessian Cloth, Carpet Backing Cloth, Hessian Bag, Jute Twine / Yarn, Jute Soil Saver, Waste Jute (Jute Caddies), Jute Sliver Etc.

Now to our mode of operation. Our Philosophy, from the very inception, has always been ensure that once we confirm a sale, our esteemed buyers can go to sleep as we are awake to fulfill the contract. It is our utmost priority to ensure the best quality – both for the goods and the services to keep our valued clients satisfied.

The Services Include:
1. Efficient Management
2. Timely Shipment
3. Good Quality.
4. Quality control Supervised by a third Party.

We hope to get an opportunity to cater to your requirements.